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Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) is a groundbreaking deep learning technique that has revolutionized the world of computer graphics. By leveraging the power of neural networks, NeRF allows for the reconstruction of detailed 3D scenes from a set of 2D images. NerfStudio is a user-friendly platform designed to help artists and researchers harness the potential of NeRF, enabling them to create stunning visuals and immersive environments with ease.

The magic of deep learning continually amazes us, as it pushes the boundaries of what is possible in computer graphics. NeRF, in particular, creates captivating dreamlike worlds, reminiscent of magical realms. The combination of NeRF and NerfStudio empowers creators to experiment with new forms of visual storytelling and unlock untapped creative possibilities.

In this project, I ventured into the mesmerizing world of NeRF using NerfStudio, integrated with Unreal Engine to explore the potential of NeRF and CG elements. The scene unfolds as the camera travels through the flowers of a side street, unveiling a miniature world teeming with life. Tiny CG people and animals gather together in a slow-motion state, creating an otherworldly experience that evokes a sense of wonder and magic as the camera rushes through them.

Having previously experimented with Instant-NGP and photogrammetry approaches using RealityCapture, I found NerfStudio to be remarkably easy to use. I prepared the images I had previously shot with my iPhone, ran the code, and let NerfStudio's Nerfacto model handle the rest. After processing the images, I was able to use any DCC, such as Blender, C4D, and more, to animate the camera and seamlessly integrate it with Unreal Engine and NerfStudio.

As of now, March 2023, the process has allowed me to animate miniature 3D characters and render them with an alpha channel in Unreal Engine, while NerfStudio takes care of rendering the background. The final composition can then be completed using post-production tools like After Effects, Nuke, Fusion, or even within Unreal Engine or Blender, according to personal preference. I'm looking forward to future updates that will enable me to import NeRF directly into Unreal Engine.

Only having discovered NerfStudio a month ago, I am still experimenting with their model, as well as exploring the effects of varying scene scales and adjusting the degree of ghosting to further refine the visual outcome. My goal is not to achieve photorealism, instead, I am captivated by the unique, magical look that NeRF provides, which sets it apart from photos, videos, or photogrammetry. The challenge lies in seamlessly integrating sharp CG renders with the ethereal NeRF aesthetic, showcasing the true beauty and versatility of neural networks in the realm of computer graphics.

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Imagined by Masaki Yokochi