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Finally, I got a time to experiment with Wonder Studio! Having started my compositing journey a long, long time ago with systems like "Quantel Henry" and "Discreet Inferno (Autodesk Flame)", I've seen the industry evolve from million-dollar systems and refrigerator-sized CPUs to today's powerful, compact GPUs, and now web-based solutions.

Wonder Studio caught my eye with its online, machine learning-driven approach to visual effects. To test the platform's capabilities, I used two complex shots that posed unique challenges. Shot 1 involved multiple actors, foreground objects, a slightly panning camera, and a busy background, while Shot 2 featured fast-moving, overlapping actors with a camera tracking their movements.

The results, although not perfect, were impressive, particularly the accurate 3D tracking data generated from 2D footage without any markers. I refined the shots using the exported elements; however, the upcoming camera data and character pass export features should make these adjustments even simpler.

While there is room for improvement, my overall experience with Wonder Studio was enjoyable. I am very impressed by its tracking capabilities and foresee it becoming an invaluable tool for artists. As a closed beta user, I eagerly await the final version and will continue exploring the platform!

Wondered by Masaki Yokochi

Amazing 3D character model by Igor Stefanovic, Pablo Castaño, Tyler Bolyard
Great footage by Gorodenkoff and M-Agency/