My journey with Wonder Studio continues as I explore their facial tracking capabilities. I used footage of a kid eating candy and chose a cute alien character named "Sam" for the transformation. His facial rig was impressively modeled, capturing subtle expressions with remarkable accuracy. I decided to bring it into Unreal Engine and revisit the mesmerizing flower garden NeRF scene. Playing with the well motion-captured character and Luma AI's NeRF in Unreal Engine was irresistible. I enjoyed animating the Metahuman by hand. Despite the limitations of experimenting with Lumen and NeRF, I was able to bring the scene closer to my vision.

One of the most admirable aspects of Wonder Studio's tracking is the AI-powered estimation of movement from 2D footage, regardless of scene scale—be it a face, a living room, or soccer fields. This incredible feat is further enhanced by the inclusion of Blender files, allowing for endless possibilities in camera movement customization. In addition, NeRF covers the environment, creating a revolutionary experience!

It's hard to believe that these are just Alpha versions of Luma AI's plugin and Closed Beta versions of Wonder Studio's tools. The potential for the final release is truly exciting, and I can't wait to continue exploring these innovative solutions in the realm of visual effects!

Wondered by Masaki Yokochi

Amazing 3D character model by Alin Bolcas
Super lovely footage by viktoryabov/stock.adobe.com